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 HARRIOTTE HURIE lives a life filled with bold activities and international adventure that would make most people stop and take notice, and - oh, yeah, she's been blind since childhood. Come "see" life through the lens of this remarkable individual and super lively storyteller!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Hettie Farley Barnes says, for years, she has been playing "dress-up" and white-lying her way through lifeís ups and downs, while sharing stories with the child in each of us. An Appalachian teller from a long line of family with a yearning for a good yarn, Hettie's up-beat enthusiasm is virally contagious to listeners.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Christie Keegan In her 25 years of storytelling, Christie has mastered crafting personal stories that often feel universal. Her audiences frequently comment: "It felt like you were telling MY story!" She weaves the people, places and animals of her life into a rich colorful tapestry sure to make you think and feel.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Martha Reed Johnson When her father declared his family "no longer fit for public camping" and purchased land in the wilderness of Nova Scotia, he unwittingly provided Martha with stories for a lifetime. Join her as she unravels the daring life of her father and the legacy that lives on.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  
 Katie Green has been telling stories of truth, folk & faerie for a long time. She returns to us on a visit from her new home in Dunedin - Florida - this trip with personal tales. Katie is one of original storytellers of the storytelling revival in New England!
Hosted By: Mike Cohen
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 Judith Heineman is an award-winning storyteller, actor, producer and workshop leader, as well as a Chicago Moth story slam winner, and Moth GrandSLAM participant. Judith splits her time between NY and Chicago, bringing her engaging world and personal narrative to festivals at home and abroad for over 25 years.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus
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 George From the Bronx A truly natural-born storyteller, George spins entertaining yarns from his quirky life with casual flair. Some of his tales seem to stretch the truth a bit - or do they?? It can be deliciously difficult to tell!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Simon Brooks Simon's mother says she found him under a rock, or falling from the sky, or that he simply appeared at the house one day. However Simon appeared, he was already telling stories.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  
 Leeny Del Seamonds is an acclaimed performer, coach, author, multi award-winning recording artist and professional Voice Actor. Her animated and uplifting tales and tunes told in multiple languages reflect her love and understanding of people, their ways and a desire to embrace life to its fullest.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 TONY TOLEDO Holy Toledo, itís Tony Toledo. This larger-than-life personality (telling since 1990) connects with all ages while telling personal stories or traditional tales. He's a guaranteed people connector and party on wheels. Don't miss this master storyteller! Maybe he'll give you a coin.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Joe Pagliuca Joe Pagliuca enhances open telling with more stories he would not share with his young audiences! Visceral and very, very funny, Joe's madcap tales will stay with you long after the last words. Note: We will meet on the second floor because Havurat Shalom is set up for the High Holidays
Hosted By: Joe Pagliuca  
 CLOSED -- HOLIDAY Due to the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kipper and the fact that we meet in a Jewish Havurat, The Story Space will take a rare week off. See you next Tuesday!
Hosted By:   

 Phyllis Blackstone lives in Brunswick, ME when not on the back roads of America in her tiny RoadTrek motor home. Since retiring as a professor of education she tells to everyone in every genre (sometimes humorous but always poignant): folk, personal, family (as a baby sister on a farm), see the USA, sacred, and more.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  

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