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 Barbara Aliprantis confidently launches our first on-line Gathering with her high-energy telling. She'll be sharing stories from her eclectic repertoire, which has been described as “an ethnographic kaleidoscope of folklore and wisdom tales from around the globe”. Join us as she carries Brother Blue's torch online.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  
 Quinn Golden weaves stories and fables into professional speaking changing what could be mind-numbing presentations into immersive experiences. The stories became more important than the topics. He lives in New Hampshire, with his Bride of nearly thirty-five years, Bushman the dog, and a flock of Chickens.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Joy Smith shares stories to stir us in thoughtful and delightful ways during this weird time of reckoning. Her tales come from different parts of the world, flavored by her personal journey from Nashville to NYC, via schooling in New England. Join us online in her “World of Joy”!
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  

 Papa Joe Gaudet Itinerant storyteller Papa Joe is a storyteller's storyteller. His delightful trove of tales, honed by decades of sharing, entrance and delight any listener fortunate enough to see and hear him. Online is the next best thing (and safer these days!) to being there; click in and enjoy!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Laura Packer Story Space alumna Laura Packer knows story. She's won many awards including the Brother Blue Award. Laura has used the transformative power of writing and story to entertain, enlighten, coach, heal and consult. Her stories range from traditional to personal to outrageous fabulist fiction.
Hosted By: Andrea Kamens  
 JIM HARRIMAN While searching for the truth, Jim reports he has instead found powerful, humorous, poignant and quirky stories, all made possible when his definition of truth expanded beyond what he sees to what he imagines he sees. You won't need to imagine him, just join us online!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 John Carew is from Lough Gur, County Limerick - home of the fairies, the spirits of the mounds and the hollow hills. A true Seanachie and author of "Through The Mist Of Time", a collection of poetry and short stories, he's performed widely, and brags several medals and storytelling competition victories.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Rachael Cerrotti works on the impacts of memory and migration. Her Podcast titled "We Share The Same Sky" about her grandmother’s Holocaust survival won awards from HuffPost and Apple Podcasts. She'll share behind the scenes stories and loves notes about her deep dive into the contemporary relevance of this subject.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Life Long Learners are taking a storytelling class with Andrea Kamens at Framingham State University Class 102:Making the Old New: Personal Storytelling with Traditional Material. Chuck Woodhouse will tell his story for the first time; and then Lior Beloborodov a 6th grader from Boston's Jewish Community Day School.
Hosted By: Joseph Pagliuca  

 Motoko Recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s 2017 Circle of Excellence Award, Motoko has enchanted audiences of every age since 1993. Her repertoire includes Asian folktales, Rakugo, ghost stories, and memoirs from her childhood in Osaka, Japan, and her life in the U.S. Do not miss her!!
Hosted By: Barbara Aliprantis  
 Rona Leventhal tells tales with the taste of the sweet and the sour in our lives from folk and personal tales in an engaging dynamic style. She's touched minds and imaginations for nearly three decades with a cornucopia of voices and characters. She'll leave you smiling and laughing with a few tales to tell!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Sara DeBeer performs, “Tales of Women, Wise and Wondrous”. Stories that speak of the potential of women that we don't often see highlighted in traditional tales: their courage, intelligence, wit. Sara selects these stories from her repertoire of international folktales featuring clever and resourceful women.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Scott Schultz , a MassMouth Big Mouth Off Champion, returns from Los Angeles, where he’s known for his long-running storytelling show, BUSted. The L.A. Times said he “Finds the magnificent in the mundane.” He’s also been featured in the NY Times, NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and PBS’ Stories From The Stage.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen
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