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 Alison Tocci is the spirited innkeeper of the venerable Bull Run restaurant, tavern and concert venue in Shirley. For years she has honed her story chops in the environs of her lively establishment, and has recently solidified raconteur status by becoming a well-enjoyed Massmouth teller.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 Libby Franck was going to present "Becoming a Little Woman". Unfortunately, she was not feeling well, and we had a great Open Telling instead. Hopefully, she'll soon be here to tell us about her long-term relationship with "LW", experiences that were milestones in her life.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 SHIRA (SHIFRA) FREEWOMAN Will present a show she calls, "A New Take on My Life, All the Good I Have Known". I have told my story many times with a focus or emphasis on the trauma I experienced. This time I am doing a re-telling of my Life Story with a focus on All That has Been Positive in My Life & All I Am Grateful For.
Hosted By: Ralpg Chadis  

 Cheryl Perreault & Ron Israel present: "Holy Crap, I'm Mortal!", an existential romp in spoken word and song. Cheryl, host and producer of a number of spoken word, music, and other series, is a jazzy poet. Ron's a singer-songwriter with 10 albums to his credit, plus an ardent social & environmental activist.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  
 Anniversary Celebration Our 28th! Brother Blue and Ruth Hill started what is now "The Story Space" 28 years ago. Sadly, Blue passed away in 2009. But with Ruth as our Guest of Honor, we'll have an evening of favorite tales (both yours and ours), cake & ice cream, and some great memories of Brother Blue.
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus & Andrea Kamens  
 Open Telling Our scheduled feature, Harold Cox, winner of the MassMouth Big Mouth Off in June, had a sudden family emergency in Texas and won't be at Story Space tonight. So we will have open telling. Bring some great stories, and remember, it's also Black History Month!
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  

 Pam Kristan It may not be so much what we do, but how we do it that shows our true selves. Follow Pamís process through the years while you discover how you do what you do. We each have our own particular way, and these days itís process as much as product that counts.
Hosted By: Mike Cohen  
 DVORA JONAS In honor of her milestone birthday, Dvora presents imaginative, surreal, and personal stories (including ones generally kept hidden) drawn from 80 years of spiritual, emotional, and physical wandering. All told with her unassuming charm.
Hosted By: Ralph Chadis  
 Jerry Reilly founder of Museum of Bad Art, will tell of all sorts of other ridiculous personal projects he's undertaken since, including: King Pong, Disposable Theater, The Money Tree, fictional political candidate Fredrica Smith, floating casket on the Charles River, Human Foosball & Giant Barbie saves Newton!
Hosted By: Bruce Marcus  

 Phillip A. Bennett Low "Descendant of Dragons": A quest to find his ancestors, across 4 continents & 4,000 years, pits a cranky libertarian detective against the world's greatest Communist bureaucracy. Pinned between the youngest & most ancient of civilizations, it's about being Chinese...and becoming American again.
Hosted By: Micah Epstein  
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